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Trent: Maybe Not Bad, But Long Outdated

It’s easy to point out the problems of other people. Suggesting reform for another group is far easier than the difficult work of self-examination, contrition, and personal renewal. Professor Massimo Faggioli has a bead on the current eruption of a … Continue reading

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GeE 146: Jesus’ Prayer For Unity

A society urges us to lust, to consume, and not to consider bonding with others, binding ourselves together for noble and virtuous purposes: 146. Contrary to the growing consumerist individualism that tends to isolate us in a quest for well-being … Continue reading

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Aparecida 520: At The Service of Unity and Fraternity

Section 7 of chapter ten will explore the Church At The Service Of The Unity And Fraternity Of Our People. The pope emeritus shares an important hope. The melting pot is a useful symbol at times, a myth at others. … Continue reading

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