Aparecida 544-545: CELAM

CELAM is an acronym for Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano. The continental unity is important to the bishops of this hemisphere.

544. We reaffirm the importance of CELAM and recognize that it has been a prophetic venue for the unity of Latin American and Caribbean peoples, and has shown the viability of its cooperation and solidarity out of ecclesial communion. Hence, we commit ourselves to continue to enhance its service in the collegial collaboration of bishops and on the path of achieving Latin American and Caribbean ecclesial identity. We invite the bishops of countries involved in the various regional integration subsystems, including those in the Amazon Basin, to enhance their bonds of reflection and cooperation.

We have the synod on the Amazon coming October next year.

We also support continuing to enhance bonds for the relationship between the Latin American episcopacy and the episcopacies of the United States and Canada in the light of the Apostolic Exhortation, Ecclesia in America, and with the European episcopacies as well.

Not only within CELAM, but the other episcopacies of the New World.

Solidarity within CELAM is important, not for the sake of the institutional Church, but what the institution can do for those in need, and the development of Western Hemisphere society:

545. Conscious that the mission of evangelization cannot proceed separated from solidarity with the poor and the promotion of their comprehensive development, and aware that some ecclesial communities lack the necessary resources, it is imperative to help them, in imitation of the early Christian communities, so that they will really feel loved. Thus, a solidarity fund between the churches of Latin America and the Caribbean, at the service of their own pastoral initiatives, must be created.

For deeper examination, check an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.

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