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Children In Church

The “Rebuilt” priest, Michael White, has stirred a nest of hornets in his opinion that parents aren’t encouraged to bring little children to Mass. It’s a reasonable notion. It’s also not the only notion. In his book, he cites testimony … Continue reading

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It seems like four out of five times I begin to write a blog post, I ask myself, why? My reading for enjoyment has picked up quite a bit the past two months. But instead of writing a book review … Continue reading

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Dish Or Font?

With fewer parishes withholding the dishes at the door than the common cup, maybe it’s a good time to check in on practices and terminology. “Font” generally means something one can be baptized in, so that term, though common in … Continue reading

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The Never-Ending Story

The MAGA/Phillips confrontation is still fueling discussion on social media. Since two sides seem to have more or less ossified, facts and information are pretty much irrelevant from here on out. One feature I’ve noticed is circling the wagons around … Continue reading

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Waiting For Good News

So, a lot of heat and a bit of light for the unfortunate March For Life post-game between Native Americans protesting their own thing, and Trump-attired Catholic teen boys waiting for the bus. Until this story broke, most of what … Continue reading

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Here I Am: Praying with Psalm 40, Isaiah, and Martin Luther King

The text of a prayer I cobbled together some years ago, perhaps helpful for an observance of Monday’s holiday: Psalm: (this recited version, or preferably a musical setting like this or this or this) All: Here I am, Lord; I … Continue reading

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Dulcimers Get The Love

Children haveĀ a natural curiosity about music, and even after three-and-a-half years in the parish, the hammered dulcimer still gets attention. Long after Mass, as you can see here.

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