In my new archdiocese I’ve encountered an interesting liturgical practice: the anticipation of significant feasts, sometimes more than a week in advance.

This year, with the Immaculate Comception observance falling on a Saturday, the cathedral observed Our Lady of Guadalupe on the morning of December 1st. Remarkably, outside of Advent. That doesn’t happen often–usually it’s a few days to a week prior.

They also juggle the Filipino observance of Simbang Gabi. What was traditionally a nine-day novena is spread out for nine celebrations in our deanery across the Puget Sound. The cathedral observance is dubbed a “commissioning” Mass. I don’t think the regional celebrations would end if we were “uncommissioned.” That this novena doesn’t exactly align with the last nine days of Advent seems unbothersome to my Filipino and liturgical friends. Our parish’s Mass has been as early as the 11th of December.

We have a significant Latino population in our parish across the Puget Sound. One of our largest parish choirs joins as part of a large ensemble of dozens. I’ve seen the previous liturgies on YouTube, but never in person. I suppose the Blessed Mother is unconcerned about the days of anticipation and more affirming of the act of worship by her daughters and sons.

Eleven days ahead: anybody experience anything like that? I don’t see a way to arrange a Mass when the 12th does fall on a weekday.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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