Now Presenting: The Last Day of Christmas


Saturday can be a sore spot for some parishes and their liturgies. Some clergy do not offer a regular Mass on this day. I’ve been in parishes where everyday Massgoers celebrate on Saturday night instead, returning the next day for the same readings, music, and even a homily.

Elsewhere on the Saturday front, obligatory holy days often lose what little energy the Church offers on special observances. Days like today slip even deeper into a non-celebratory void. When I’ve pressed clergy on celebrating All Saints on Saturday, I haven’t always been persuasive enough.

The Presentation Feast lies just a bit behind the obligatory holy day: important enough to Image result for cream cheese pastrybump an ordinary Sunday’s readings and prayers, yet not vital enough to “compel” mandatory attendance. My own sense is that these observances deserve a full celebration as if they were obligatory.

If there’s to be a sense of recovery of these days in the Catholic imagination, days like this will need more than a church full of candles and music stuffed from entrance to sending. Parties would be a good start–even Saturday morning pastries and drinks if nothing else.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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