The Winter of 2019

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We’ve had a significant run of snow in the Pacific Northwest the past several days. It actually feels like a Midwest or Eastern experience: school called off, structures collapsing from the weight of wet snow, shelters opening wide, and alas, even a person in Seattle dying of exposure. My parish also cancelled the weekend Mass schedule–only the second time I’ve ever experienced that.

Despite the wet snow shutting everything down tonight, and the mayor of nearby Bremerton declaring no lay drivers on the roads tomorrow, we seem to have dodged a bullet with snow shifting to rain and sparing us another foot of white stuff. Maybe I’ll get out on Wednesday. Trying to get back up the driveway Saturday, I slammed into a snowbank and tore out the right front wheel well on my car.

Elsewhere on the winter front, I managed to slip on ice twice while “sledding” in laundry baskets with the young miss. Snowfall might appeal to the child in us, but I’m feeling too old for winter sports. I walked the young miss 1.3 miles to work this morning, and added a third fall on the way home. I might have landed on my padded end, but my left shoulder and hand weren’t edified by the fall.

Even the cat snuggled under the blankets with me earlier today.

On the home front, we’re keeping warm and well-fed. The fridge is full of leftovers tonight: squash soup, baked beans, stuffing, hard-boiled eggs, iced tea, and some vegan things I couldn’t identify without the young miss’s label.

Time for bed, and I expect I will be sleeping well tonight.

At some later time, we can all look back on the “Winter of 2019” with memories fond and otherwise.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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