Movie Challenge Day 4

Installment #4 of significant movie experiences. I know the filmmaker has a tarnished rep in many eyes. I liked the depiction of dysfunctional relationships, of which there are many. Alcohol was a raging demon in my extended family, and even those of us who escaped the bottle’s grip were touched–slapped and assaulted, really–in other ways.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Movie Challenge Day 4

  1. Liam says:

    Hannah is not my favorite of Allen’s golden age series of films, though I remember what became a ritual of awaiting a new release each winter in the dead of the film release season (which was Allen’s way of making his films stale long before the more traditional releasing of films intended to vie for awards in the fall through Christmas Day). Of this period of films, I am most fond of Radio Days (’87); then Purple Rose of Cairo (’85) and then Zelig (’83) [I missed the first of the that series run, 1982’s A Midsummer Sex Comedy, because it was released when I was in college and didn’t have ready access to a first-run movie theater unless I was on break or summer vacation). After H&HS, I’d place Broadway Danny Rose (’84). And then I consider Alice (’90) a last displaced gasp of this run, and after that I lost avid interest in his work.

    Manhattan (’79) was creepy to me in terms of subject matter at the time I saw it (senior year of high school), but *for its time* it wasn’t exactly (it was our Lolita era par excellence); the opening sequence is probably the best love letter to Manhattan of the period – when Manhattan was at its most recent nadir but was for the same reason filled with its most fertile cohort of creative folks since the Roaring Twenties.

    Sleeper (’73) is still fresh.

  2. Todd says:

    I have never been the Allen fanatic many of my college friends were. While Radio Days is a favorite over Hannah, I found the treatment of addiction of various kinds quite honest, which was personally relevant for me at the time

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