Movie Challenge Day 8

On facebook, I keep to the challenge: post a pic and say nothing about the movie. Here I can’t resist a bit of blab.

A sports movie has to be in my top-ten. I considered Hoosiers, Miracle, and a good handful of baseball flicks. But the sport I don’t understand makes for what is head and shoulders above all of those. It’s also my favorite foreign language film.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Movie Challenge Day 8

  1. Liam says:

    I only now understand what the Movie Challenge is. My social media involvement is very sheltered and limited….

    When I think about movies that have had a profound effect on me, there are many, and if I were going about it properly I would need to distinguish between those movies I saw when they were released or in the immediate wake thereof, and those movies from the time before I was able to see them in that way (and it’s the latter category that would be large for the purpose of the challenge).

    That said, I can easily name the movie release year that I consider to have been the weightiest since the Golden Year of 1939, often considered the apex of the Golden Age of English language movie-making (Hollywood and London) and that would be: 1993. There were so many fantastic performances that year (so many that many were not even nominated), and I don’t think there’s been an equal since. I will say one of those fantastic performances was Rosie Perez’s in “Fearless”; she rightly was nominated, but it’s immortal. I will link a scene separately, because it will go into moderation.

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