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Maybe They Meant Mexican Counties

At least two of my fb friends pounded Fox for their silly caption misidentifying Central American countries as “Mexican.” My suggestion was that the news branch meant “counties” not countries. I see an apology is up. Headline quote: It never … Continue reading

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OCM 31: Festivities And Favoritism

The Church counsels to go ahead and decorate the place of worship: 31. The festive character of the celebration of Marriage should be suitably expressed even in the manner of decorating the church. … but with a caution: Nevertheless, local … Continue reading

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OCM 30: Music At Weddings

There’s a lot to say about music at weddings. Sometimes too much. The rite suggests that couples have a significant say in the selections. I suspect the framers of the Church’s liturgy are more concerned with actual ritual music, and … Continue reading

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Aging, Dying, Or Just Injured

In my recovery from a broken ankle, I’m faced with a few uncomfortable realities. A touch of bursitis has hit my shoulders, and my doctor advises it won’t really get much better. Arthritis in a thumb doesn’t impact my music. … Continue reading

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OCM 29: Liturgy Preparation

One of the longer paragraphs in the Rite’s introduction treats a very important topic, namely, the preparation of the wedding liturgy. Interspersed with comments, the text is as follows: 29. The celebration itself of the Sacrament must be diligently prepared, … Continue reading

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In the collection Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits, the editor provides a series of prayers to accompany the Spiritual Exercises. (I recommend this book very highly, not just for people making the Exercises. So many of the prayers apply to … Continue reading

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OCM 28: Celebrating Marriage And Preparing For It

Paragraphs 28 through 38 address The Celebration of Marriage. In this context, celebration implies liturgy. Liturgy requires careful preparation, so today’s paragraph and the four that follow fall under that heading, The Preparation. Let’s read, starting with the Church’s idealized notion … Continue reading

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