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OCM 18-19: Requirements in Sacramentality, Validity, Liceity

Continuing with Duties and Ministries, we read where the confirmation stipulation for married Catholics originates: canon law. 18. Catholics who have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation are to receive it to complete their Christian initiation before they are … Continue reading

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Abuse Or Error? I Choose The Latter

One term I find grossly inaccurate and in need of retirement is “liturgical abuse.” Recently, one of the retired priests with whom I work appeared to get a bit distracted while preparing altar and gifts. He tends to take time … Continue reading

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Book Challenge Day 5

Another difficult choice, from a trinity of possibilities. Near the end of my college days, my faith life was deepening. Within a year or so, I read Merton’s autobiography, the Rule of St Benedict, and this early Henri Nouwen book, … Continue reading

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