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The Coddling Of The Catholic Mind

I ran across this piece when it came out a few years back. I recognized similar patterns in my university parish. It was less driven by liberal ideology and more by a certain Catholic circle-the-wagons protectionism. A guest speaker made … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 25: Baptism of the Lord

Let’s continue with one of the preludes to Jesus’ public ministry. 25. Jesus’ baptism was not like our own, which introduces us to the life of grace, but a consecration prior to his embarking on the great mission of his … Continue reading

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Jean Vanier Has Died

I’ve just noticed the news that Jean Vanier has died. One religion media tribute is here. There’s a question hanging in the air for those who were influenced by him. Our once-collaborator Neil cited another source in suggesting that if … Continue reading

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