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Reconciliation At The Heart Of Community

More from that short book of two Harvard Divinity School lectures, From Brokenness to Community, Jean Vanier has a thought on reconciliation. The jumping off part is where he discusses Jesus urging us to love our enemies. He identifies our … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 33: Stars

Finishing up the theme, “His youth teaches us,” Pope Francis is talking stars, but not the celebrity type. Think of astronomy as your starting point, as the Easter Vigil’s deuterocanonical reading tells it: 33. The Lord is calling us to … Continue reading

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Abolish, Dismantle, React, Whatever

I see James Carroll’s headline has made the rounds in Catholic social media. The actual article appears online here, but with a curious schizophrenia. The headline suggests “abolish.” The link includes the word “dismantle.” The former gets attention, of the … Continue reading

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