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Musical Moment #4: Brandenburg Marathon

Another great concert moment. My first job out of college was in telemarketing, and one of my workmates became a good friend. We shared many interests, including music. In the early 80s I was discovering Baroque music. When the Eastman … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: Matthew 15:29-31

Popular among many Catholics is the Healing Mass. I’ve experienced a number of these. They are quite moving, a combination of the emotions of the people as well as the spiritual significance of believers gathering to pray for significant physical … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 45: Mary, Who Shared The Passion

During the Passion of the Lord, Mary was perhaps no longer young, but she continued in her attitude of hope and support: 45. Without yielding to evasions or illusions, “she accompanied the suffering of her Son; she supported him by … Continue reading

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