Stains On Blue

A combination of things come together. The ease of recording life events on video. An awareness of discrimination. That there is no vaccine for a disease like racism. People express anger.

Given the repeated miscues of peace officers, I don’t know why people in authority–chiefs, mayors, individuals higher up the officer chain who supervise–haven’t doubled down on community relations. People wearing the blue are hired and authorized to serve and protect. “Serve and protect” doesn’t apply to themselves, but rather the citizenry they move amongst daily.

So when I see a news bit like this I’m inclined to wonder. How many other places is it like this? These are just two big cities constituting a bit more than one-half of one percent of the US population. What about those who serve the other 99.4%?

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross:

We’ve talked about from the outset how disturbing, how disappointing and upsetting these (social  media) posts are and how they will undeniably impact police-community relations.

You think?

The city hired a local law firm to assess the constitutionality of these expressions.

If the speech is protected, no further action will be taken. (If not) there will be discipline.

Not sure if placing some dozens of police personnel on desk duty or paid leave is really a long-term option. I wonder if the emphasis is too much on rights and not enough on responsibility. The two go hand in hand in a civilized society. People in positions of authority have somewhat more of the latter, and relatively less of the former.

A person is certainly free to hold opinions like “I think all ____s are bad.” But stupidity has consequences. Out-of-work police officers can always fall back on trade school. Electrical wiring comes in all colors. If racism and prejudice can’t be cured, maybe it’s better such people don’t carry guns, serve warrants, or wander the streets at night.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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