An Answer To A Question

This response answers the question I’ve asked many times (like here or here or here) on this site: What if we didn’t fire the person?

Sometimes the answer is obvious. A person with authority continues to manipulate and abuse younger employees and creates an atmosphere of intimidation, if not immorality. A person who has embezzled money continues to skim off the income. A serial molester, assisted by people in a new environment, victimizes new people as opportunities present themselves.

Sometimes compassion is shown and an employee who is less competent for one job can get transferred to another. That can happen in big places with thousands or even dozens of workers. Sometimes transfers don’t work out as well as new victims are generated. Sometimes professional connections can be engaged and a manager is transferred to another outlet with fewer responsibilities and possibly a friendlier approach.

One of my fb friends asked the what-about question on unmarried pregnant women. One of his friends said that didn’t happen in Catholic schools. But it has. A simple ask of the Google will solve that query.

But scandal. That’s what some people say. But some people go looking for scandal. And if they blame social media for announcements or evidence of impropriety, they can often find it. Are scandal-hunters really scandalized? Or are they just gleeful?

So, what if we didn’t fire the person? I suspect justice would be served more than if we did. More often than not, when somebody didn’t get pink-slipped, after I read the details, I’m inclined to cheer.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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