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Facebook Unfriends Saint Augustine

A few of my facebook friends from the old blogging days are fussing about this quote being cited as a violation of courtesy on the social media behemoth: Let us never assume that if we live good lives we will … Continue reading

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Managing A Cantor II: Arm Gestures

One of the modest sins I’ve noticed over the years from various psalmists is a gesture taking place when they are finished singing the psalm verse. Not when the people are supposed to enter the music. It’s a small thing. … Continue reading

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OCM 59: The Minister Addresses The Couple

After the homily, the minister gives a brief address: 59. With all standing, including the couple and the witnesses, who are positioned near them, the Priest addresses the couple in these or similar words: Dearly beloved, you have come together … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 81: Desires, Hurts and Longings

More witness from the synod document, and a look at “Desires, hurts and longings.” 81. Young people are aware that the body and sexuality have an essential importance for their lives and for their process of growth in identity. Yet … Continue reading

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