USCCB Acquires Grail Psalter

The news at PrayTell is here. I read that the 341 changes made in Rome will be rolled back. For the Hours, the canticles of the Bible will eventually emerge from this. A good development for the cause of good Scripture scholarship.

Eventually, this translation will replace the US bishops’ NABRE in the Lectionary for Mass. Some may fuss about having to buy new Lectionaries, but psalmists rarely sing from the red books anyway. Hymnal publishers will offer supplements, no doubt. Those who print throwaway resources will have it easiest.

I find the Grail Psalms of any versions to be far more favorable to the way I compose than the current Lectionary. Using Gelineau-style singing has allowed me to experiment with a few variations of accompaniment that bother my psalmists and pianist to no end. They are used to the simple chanting most often used with the current Lectionary.



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1 Response to USCCB Acquires Grail Psalter

  1. Liam says:

    No need to replace the Lectionary texts for sung responsorial psalms in the USA, only for recited. Translations of the psalms previously approved for liturgical in the USA (there are several, going back to the mid-1960s) remain grandfathered under the last paragraph of the US version of GIRM 61.

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