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Christus Vivit 123: Being Saved Over And Over

Salvation not a single experience, but a lifelong opportunity: 123. Keep your eyes fixed on the outstretched arms of Christ crucified, let yourself be saved over and over again. And when you go to confess your sins, believe firmly in … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Psalm 16: 1-2, 7-11

I had an experience with the funeral of a choir spouse recently. The family requested Psalm 16, and specifically Scott Soper’s fine setting. OCP’s editors place it in their annual missal in the Psalter. The antiphon is a bit long … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 122: Redeemed And Valuable

“Christ saves you” is an important message, and it is rooted in the value God places on us. Each of us has a certain preciousness–this is the root of Catholic social teaching on life. Pope Francis cites his message to … Continue reading

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Restoration of Order

I noticed this essay and commentary on flipping Confirmation to pre-First Eucharist. Aside from liturgy and sacramental theology, Eastern Christianity was one of the fields I studied and term-papered in grad school. I was quite familiar with the early bishops … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 121: Christ Forgives

A reminder against pelagianism, that is, doing it all on our own abilities or good looks: 121. His forgiveness and salvation are not something we can buy, or that we have to acquire by our own works or efforts. He … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 120: Salvation Is In God’s Nature

120. “We are saved by Jesus because he loves us and cannot go against his nature. Nitpickers might suggest God can do anything, even go against his nature. But that would be the posture of the tempter. It also masks … Continue reading

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OCM 60: The Questions before the Consent

Let’s look at “The Questions before the Consent,” which follows the presider’s address to the couple. That these are done publicly show at least a two-level situation. The Church is seeking from the couple, a moment of listening (OCM 59) … Continue reading

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