Christus Vivit 108: Commitment, Dedication, Sacrifices

We’re getting close to the end of Chapter Three of Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation. Speaking of being fully oneself, the Holy Father takes inspiration from one of his country’s poets.

108. If this is to happen, you need to realize one basic truth: being young is not only about pursuing fleeting pleasures and superficial achievements. If the years of your youth are to serve their purpose in life, they must be a time of generous commitment, whole-hearted dedication, and sacrifices that are difficult but ultimately fruitful. As a great poet put it:

“If to regain what I regained,
I first had to lose what I lost;
If to achieve what I achieved,
I had to endure what I endured;
If to be in love now
First I had to be hurt,
I consider what I suffered well suffered,
I consider what I wept for as well wept for.
Because in the end I came to see
That we do not really enjoy what we enjoyed
Unless we have suffered for it.
For in the end I realized
That the blossoms on the tree
Draw life from what lies buried beneath”.[Francisco Luis Bernárdez, “Soneto”, in Cielo de tierra, Buenos Aires, 1937]

You can access the full document on this link at the Vatican site.

The text in color is © Copyright – Libreria Editrice Vaticana

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