Christus Vivit 136-137: A Time Of Dreams And Decisions

The fifth chapter of this document, “Paths of youth,” will guide our discussion for the next month or so. Let’s look at Pope Francis’ first theme, “A time of dreams and decisions.”

136. In Jesus’ day, the passage from childhood was a significant step in life, one joyfully celebrated. When Jesus restored life to a man’s daughter, he first called her a “child” (Mk 5:39), but then addressed her as a “young girl” (Mk 5:41). By saying to her: “Young girl, get up (talitha cum)”, he made her more responsible for her life, opening before her the door to youth.

While children and teens certainly have a self-awareness, it is in adulthood that a person wakes up more fully.

A citation of fact from the final synod document:

137. “Youth, as a phase in the development of the personality, is marked by dreams which gather momentum, by relationships which acquire more and more consistency and balance, by trials and experiments, and by choices which gradually build a life project. At this stage in life, the young are called to move forward without cutting themselves off from their roots, to build autonomy but not in solitude”.[FD 65]

Many of these themes will emerge in the coming paragraphs. I noticed the phrase “trials and experiments.” There is a way to probe at and beyond one’s boundaries, but many older adults are cynical on this. Over-protectiveness is a problem, especially in an era when social media can harden those links to parents that might need more flexion.

The Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on this link at the Vatican site.

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