Christus Vivit 141: Against Giving Up

In discussing a time of dreams and decisions, there are obstacles to overcome. It is interesting that Pope Francis links “giving up” with complaining. He is certainly aware of those who complain about him. We have a whole category of the Culture of Complaint on this site. People who complain tend not to be the ones who settle down and get to work. That’s not to say everyone doesn’t have a complaint from time to time–maybe even continuous. The question is: does it rule and overshadow one’s whole life?

141. But opposed to these hopes and dreams that generate decisions, there is always the temptation to complain or give up. “We can leave that to those who worship the ‘goddess of lament’… She is a false goddess: she makes you take the wrong road. When everything seems to be standing still and stagnant, when our personal issues trouble us, and social problems do not meet with the right responses, it does no good to give up. Jesus is the way: welcome him into your ‘boat’ and put out into the deep! He is the Lord! He changes the way we see life. Faith in Jesus leads to greater hope, to a certainty based not on our qualities and skills, but on the word of God, on the invitation that comes from him. Without making too many human calculations, and without worrying about things that challenge your security, put out into the deep. Go out of yourselves”.[Meeting with Young People in Cagliari (22 September 2013): AAS 105 (2013), 904-905]

I also found the “false goddess” comment interesting given the portrayal of Lady Wisdom in Judeo-Christianity and the suggestion that the wise person has more to offer than negativity and abandonment. The Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on this link at the Vatican site.

Any comments?

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