Prayer As Protest

I’ve never been completely at ease with the non-prayer element of praying. At military installations, abortion clinics, or such. Nor, really for certain causes, like the Fortnight For Freedom. I noticed Fr Anthony Ruff offers this coopting of Cardinal Burke’s Forty Days, and some of his followers are skeptics. On facebook, I liked this comment:

If we really want to join the cause, we should make sure to clap together in Church after finishing our rosaries.

I’m inclined to appreciate the humor above other considerations.

The Amazon Synod is certainly important. It will have little direct effect on practice among church cardinals or monasteries. It might nudge little to nothing at all on matter of mandatory clerical celibacy. I think we will have movement over the next century whether or not the synod moves anything in northern South America.

I’m not planning to counter-protest by eating a slice of pie every Friday rather than fast. I won’t clap after my rosary either. But I do view these peripheral developments with amusement.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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