I note that Vince Ambrosetti, after twenty-six years, noticed that one of his early songs was supposedly copied into “Christ Be Our Light.” Legal proceedings have been initiated.

I met Mr Ambrosetti, musician/composer turned businessman, some years ago when he was touring to promote his Saint Augustine hymnal. He is earnest in his promotion of ILP music, and steering a middle ground between 60s traditional music and congregational songs. There were two versions of that first hymnal, a hardcover with mostly all publisher originals and a soft-bound temporary with a 3-year license. I don’t know how successful his attempt to squeeze into the market for congregational music has been. His company now produces over a dozen books for use in the pew.

I find the lawsuit interesting, given that Mr Ambrosetti offers songs in his hymnals with identical titles to that of other publishers. Titles cannot by copywritten, but the occasional pastor might be hoodwinked into thinking he’s found an escape from the Big Three.

I listened to the “Emmanuel” original by Mr Ambrosetti here. It’s in the same key as the Bernadette Farrell song. I found the antiphon somewhat similar to this composition. Perhaps it sounds a bit more similar than the object of the legal dispute.

I don’t know how ILP is doing as a business commodity. I suspect this news will generate some publicity. Maybe that will help.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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