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OCM 61: Inviting Consent

What couples and ministers once (or continue) to term as “wedding vows” is listed as “Consent” in the revised rite. 61. The Priest invites them to declare their consent: Since it is your intention to enter the Covenant of Holy … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 158: Growth In Maturity

Let’s try a new theme, “Growth in maturity.” For different people, this might mean different things: 158. Many young people are concerned about their bodies, trying to build up physical strength or improve their appearance. Others work to develop their … Continue reading

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A Tempter In The Sky

Christians know well the story of Genesis 3. The serpent is the first villain in the Bible.  At the end of the story, punishments are delivered. Early Christians imagined the extended and winding constellation wrapping around the pole star to … Continue reading

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