On Snipers, The Social Media Version

See the source imageI noticed Greta Thunberg is traveling to my former state.

I also picked up on a piece of social-media-crazy posted by a teacher–a science teacher!–of all people. Story here from a community in which my wife and I used to live.

Clearly, Greta has really gotten to people. On one level, this is good. Her unique approach to protesting is valuable, and some adults are really taking her criticism hard. As they should. She is inspiring young people and that’s a huge plus in my view.

I’ve gone on record in social media suggesting that too many people lose jobs over dumb stuff. A teacher threatening a teen is serious, even if the comment was intended as a twisted piece of humor.

I’m not sure if Mr Baish actually owns a sniper rifle. (I’m not sure why any civilian would need one.) A solomonic resolution might be to give him a choice between his job and his firearms–if any are actually owned.

One task of a teacher, maybe the main one beyond imparting information and administering tests and grades, is to inspire young people to achieve their best potential. Mr Baish may or may not be an ignoramus when it comes to climate change. But his witness in his thoughtless social media post suggests to me he doesn’t take his vocation seriously enough.

In my own experience, I have encouraged young people to do things I would choose not to do: find a Latin Mass parish, join a political party and get involved in politics different from my own, to name two. A teacher must be willing to do that. Otherwise, a computer presentation can do the job as well or better.

If his employment hangs in the balance, I would hope it hangs not because of one dumb act, but because of his personal character and his ability to instill virtues in his students. If he can’t cut it in school, maybe there’s a trade to be worked.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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