Aperuit Illis 10: The Holy Spirit Remains Active

The Holy Spirit didn’t put her feet up after the text was translated from inspired mind to scroll. God is still an active agent today and everywhere for those who seek. It’s a basic  Vatican II–we covered it here.

10. The work of the Holy Spirit has to do not only with the formation of sacred Scripture; it is also operative in those who hear the word of God. The words of the Council Fathers are instructive: sacred Scripture is to be “read and interpreted in the light of the same Spirit through whom it was written” (Dei Verbum, 12).

The council bishops borrowed it from Pope Benedict XV, who penned it in 1920.

God’s revelation attains its completion and fullness in Jesus Christ; nonetheless, the Holy Spirit does not cease to act. It would be reductive indeed to restrict the working of the Spirit to the divine inspiration of sacred Scripture and its various human authors.

It is a matter of faith and confidence. Sadly, many Christians lack confidence in their own insights:

We need to have confidence in the working of the Holy Spirit as he continues in his own way to provide “inspiration” whenever the Church teaches the sacred Scriptures, whenever the Magisterium authentically interprets them (cf. ibid., 10), and whenever each believer makes them the norm of his or her spiritual life.

An interpretation of a parable:

In this sense, we can understand the words spoken by Jesus to his disciples when they told him that they now understood the meaning of his parables: “Every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old” (Mt 13:52).

One challenge I’ve seen brushed away is the embrace of a single interpretation of a Bible passage. Pope Francis, his papal predecessors, and a council have all stressed the notion that the Holy Spirit didn’t cease work when the pen was dry. New interpretations and insights can be gleaned, even if somebody didn’t think of them, say, fifty-four or four-hundred forty-nine years ago.

The full document can be read here. The text reproduced from it is © Copyright – Libreria Editrice Vaticana.

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