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New Year, New Color

Casual visitors will note it looks different here. The season of violet tinged with rose (December 15th) and white (the 8th and 12th) has arrived. And maybe there’s a bit of blue. Vestments have required colors, but I’ll decorate as … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 219-220: Integrating Youth Into Communities

We return to the Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation (which can be found on this link at the Vatican site). Today, a quote from the final document from the youth synod: 219. “Friendship and discussion, often within more or less … Continue reading

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Happier Holidays

I saw this proposal to expand holidays from work time, and I would naturally agree. Before capitalism, we had feudalism. And in feudal Christian Europe, there were multiple feast days–remember that the original dozen or so holy days of obligation … Continue reading

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Choir Road Trip

My singers like to hit the road for musical events. The archdiocesan NPM chapter hosted parishes at a Seattle parish last week. Our two pieces are here. Hopefully the social media link is working. One of my people pointed out … Continue reading

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Ang Katawan Ni Kristo

Thanksgiving programming is often fun for a music director. One trap missalette publishers and the USCCB fall into is their same set of readings year after year. Over a decade ago, I promoted cycling through a different set of readings … Continue reading

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The Boston Seminary Report

I don’t know why I clicked this link nor why I carried on to read about two-thirds of the report on the investigation of St John’s Seminary in Massachusetts. On the whole it convinces me that seminaries are not the … Continue reading

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Christus Vivit 218: Meeting Places For Youth

Pope Francis’ document can be found on this link at the Vatican site. We’re in the middle of it, and getting deeper into a long chapter on youth ministry. Picking up on the theme of a meeting place, we read: … Continue reading

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