Christus Vivit 196-197: Keepers Of Memories

The Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation is on this link at the Vatican site. Pope Francis shares his expectations of himself:

196. In the book Sharing the Wisdom of Time,[Cf. Pope Francis and Friends, Sharing the Wisdom of Time, Chicago, Loyola Press, 2018] I expressed some thoughts in the form of questions. “What do I ask of the elders among whom I count myself? I call us to be memory keepers. We grandfathers and grandmothers need to form a choir. I envision elders as a permanent choir of a great spiritual sanctuary, where prayers of supplication and songs of praise support the larger community that works and struggles in the field of life”.[Ibid 12]

This brought to mind a portion of a prayer by another Jesuit that has been on my own mind recently, “And please, Lord, let me still be useful, contributing to the world of my optimism, adding my prayers to the joyful fervor and courage of those who now take their turn at the helm. Let my lifestyle now become one of humble and serene contact with the world in change, shedding no tears for the past; making of my human sufferings a fit of reparation to all my brothers.” This prayer and other good ones are found here.

The psalmist knows:

It is a beautiful thing when “young men and maidens together, old men and children, praise the name of the Lord” (Ps 148:12-13).

Three possible offerings are listed in paragraph 197: 

What can we elderly persons give to the young? “We can remind today’s young people, who have their own blend of heroic ambitions and insecurities, that a life without love is an arid life”.[Ibid 13]

What can we tell them? “We can tell fearful young people that anxiety about the future can be overcome”.[Ibid]

What can we teach them? “We can teach those young people, sometimes so focused on themselves, that there is more joy in giving than in receiving, and that love is not only shown in words, but also in actions”.[Ibid]


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