Ang Katawan Ni Kristo

Image result for thanksgiving mealThanksgiving programming is often fun for a music director. One trap missalette publishers and the USCCB fall into is their same set of readings year after year. Over a decade ago, I promoted cycling through a different set of readings every three years. My current parish goes with what’s in print, but I do switch up the Psalm between 34 and 145.

I’m deeply disappointed that OCP discontinued its placement of Ricky Manalo’s “Ang Katawan Ni Kristo” (Behold the body of Christ) in its annual resource. The official studio recording is here. My parish does it about 8 klicks slower, and I don’t think the linked take is well-mixed. But those are just my ears getting tickled.

That said, I find the second verse a brilliant expression of the link between home and church, hopeful yet honest:

When we gather in our homes,
through our prayers and our meals,
we are fed and nourished together,
our families, broken and blessed.
In the household of the Lord,
where we come to share the meal,
we are fed the words of our Savior,
one family, strengthened and healed.

What family among us has not experienced brokenness to some degree? And yet we gather to give thanks–at least the bravest of us do. Our communal worship, too.

The last few years, I’ve programmed a psalm or the Magnificat for Communion. But I’m more pleased with Fr Manalo’s composition this year. I would place it among the top-ten in my personal list of all-time Communion songs. Anything different happening in any of your churches, musically speaking?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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