Gaudete Soccer

The past few years I’ve seen shades of pink in soccer uniforms. Not just the NWSL and other places, but even more in the men’s game. And not just on breast cancer awareness observances.

I continue to hear the occasional fussing from clergy about their rose vestments. (Jesus rose from the dead; he didn’t pink on Easter morning!)

I was watching an EFL Cup match today and paired with their black shorts, the Leicester field players were sporting light pink shirts, imaged right.

It’s a nice design, I think. It’s not just a me-too thing. Everton, once the young miss’s second favorite English team had a more vivid design nine years ago, below.

According to the team at the time, the navy and pink was “designed to make players more visible in their teammates’ peripheral vision.”

I would think it would. The opponents, too.

In my wardrobe, I have two dress shirts that fall into or near this color scheme. One is a light pink gingham and the other a more bold color. I will match them with dark navy or black slacks.

I often wear one or the other on “rose” Sundays. I don’t usually dress to match liturgically. But I will poke at one of our retired priests who fusses slightly over wearing a “salmon rose” chasuble on the two Sundays. Anything to prop up the liturgical ship, I guess.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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