On The Pilgrimage

I don’t usually post selfies, but my fam and some fb parishioners liked this image, so I’ll reproduce it here.

These ladies were part of three Masses last night; seven singing gigs between them. The lady on the upper left, especially, with her soulful and titanic vocal talent. I looked happy, but not sure how that was managed. Yesterday, I was reflecting on friends lost the past year: the young miss’ godfather (and a brother in spirit), a handful of my bridge club friends, and a number of church friends. Funny that as the parishes and years add up, more and more people die. Sorrows pile on.

Additionally, there are family members I haven’t seen in years, plus living friends musical and ministerial, some of whom go back to the 80s. The pilgrimage life can be stirring and creative and exciting, but I find this year has been one for looking back. I don’t live with regret. At least I try not to.

I found myself moved by one of the last Christmas songs I played today at the noon Mass. I don’t know how well I manage the Cuban feel of the tune (I play it somewhat slower and try to adapt to my singers), but I so enjoy playing it. I’m not sure of most of the lyrics beyond “light of the world,” but I know and trust Jesus stays with me to give me light. And insight on the feelings of loss, of wistful thinking of years past, and his promise for those who have forsaken loved ones for the Gospel.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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