Christus Vivit 242-243: Accompaniment By Adults

A popular theme of Pope Francis, “accompaniment,” makes another appearance in Christus Vivit. Under the heading “Accompaniment by adults,” we can explore a bit of the interaction between generations:

242. Young people need to have their freedom respected, yet they also need to be accompanied. The family should be the first place of accompaniment. Youth ministry can present the ideal of life in Christ as the process of building a house on rock (cf. Mt 7:24-25). For most young people, that house, their life, will be built on marriage and married love. That is why youth ministry and the pastoral care of families should be coordinated and integrated, with the aim of ensuring a continuous and suitable accompaniment of the vocational process.

A lot of school and parish youth ministry may miss the boat on this. Sure, some places offer catechesis on vocation, but an integrated example is often lacking. What do I mean by that? How often do couples serve in youth ministry? What kind of role models are offered in schools for married couples? Almost always, the spouse is absent. More often than not, the missing spouse is the husband.

Some notes on the community:

243. The community has an important role in the accompaniment of young people; it should feel collectively responsible for accepting, motivating, encouraging and challenging them. All should regard young people with understanding, appreciation and affection, and avoid constantly judging them or demanding of them a perfection beyond their years.

Any comments? Remember Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation can be found on this link at the Vatican site

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