Twelve Guns A Year

Arms dealers in Virginia are no doubt sad they can’t suck funding from white supremacists and other gun nuts to the tune of thirteen weapons-plus a year. News from the commonwealth:

The (Virginia) Senate approved … a bill that limits people to buying one gun each month.

I guess that keeps alive the gun-of-the-month club.

My father, a veteran, owned a pistol and for a time, a small collection of rifles. While among us children there was curiosity about them, where ammunition was kept, and how to shoot them, they were kept under tight wraps. We did not know where the bullets were kept and we were sternly warned against searching too diligently for things.

I think the statistics run that for every home intruder killed, five children are sacrificed at the false altar of self-defense.

Personally, I don’t see the use for military weaponry in the hands of citizens or police. The silly gun nuts think their stockpile of weapons will save them from government conquest, or whatever they call it. The truth is that if push comes to shove, if white, they will hold out for weeks and get a quiet but insistent takeover. If black, their neighborhood might be leveled by bombs and even the innocent won’t escape.

Aside from use for hunting, sport, or self-defense, I think the arms industry is driven by racism. It’s in our history. White people can’t reasonably deny it, unless they choose to be ignorant of the strain of white supremacy on our continent.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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