Christus Vivit 273: Work With Meaning

Let’s get into some last thoughts on work asVocation.” 

If you want to refer to the full Apostolic Exhortation check this link at the Vatican site.

273. When we discover that God is calling us to something, that this or that is what we were made for – whether it be nursing, carpentry, communication, engineering, teaching, art or any other kind of work – then we will be able to summon up our best capacities for sacrifice, generosity and dedication. Knowing that we don’t do things just for the sake of doing them, but rather we endow them with meaning, as a response to a call that resounds in the depth of our being to offer something to others: that is what makes these occupations bring a sense of deep fulfilment. As we read in the ancient biblical book of Ecclesiastes: “I saw that there is nothing better than that a man should enjoy his work” (3:22).

At the risk of making too much of our work, at the expense of human connections, this almost sounds like a relationship with the notion of “sacrifice, generosity, and dedication.” I think the people one serves in work deserve this effort. Hopefully we workers can give it, at least part of the time.

Any comments?

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