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Creeping Pelagianism

I saw this news getting some national attention. And not good attention for the Church, as it is not a usual or an orthodox practice to deny the sacraments to a disabled person. The boy’s mother: That is discrimination. This … Continue reading

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OCM 66-67: The Blessing and Giving of Rings

The wedding ring has a fairly extensive reach in the world’s cultures today. Some archaeologists believe ancient humans, including Neanderthals, had some kind of bodily sign of a married person–if not a ring, then a binding of twigs or other … Continue reading

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Fake Meat Fridays

The young miss adheres to a strict vegan diet. Perhaps not the strictest, as she occasionally cooks with fake meat, a vegetable product that has the texture and flavor of meat. I asked her once if this is viewed by … Continue reading

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Hope Springs

In his comment earlier today, Liam commended the Act of Hope. It’s certainly a prayer for any time, but in connection with Lent, reconciliation, and the saving grace of Jesus, it may be particularly appropriate now: O my God, relying … Continue reading

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A Psalm For Today, The 49th, Part 5

Wrapping up the 49th Psalm, a rarity in the Catholic Lectionary, but good news for people concerned about the powerful and wealthy. Today, a word of comfort for those tempted to envy or fear other people: 16 Do not be … Continue reading

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A Psalm For Today, The 49th, Part 4

The Psalmist suggests that self-satisfied people are not to be imitated or admired. Following those shepherds leads to a dead end. Literally. 13 Such is the fate of the foolhardy, the end of those who are pleased with their lot. … Continue reading

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A Founder Fails

I see many Catholics in shock over the revelation of abuse by L’Arche founder Jean Vanier. The independent inquiry findings are summarized here. It is interesting that this investigation began after the man’s death last Spring. It is tempting to … Continue reading

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A Psalm For Today, The 49th, Part 3

The Psalmist reminds us of the ancient belief that death is the end. All are made equal beyond this life: poor and rich, wise and otherwise, etc.. To any observer of death in the mortal sphere, we are just like … Continue reading

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Querida Amazonia 8: A Social Dream

Pope Francis, in the first chapter of his post-synodal exhortation treats the first of his “dreams.” Paragraphs 8 through 27 address “a social dream.” What does he mean by that? Our dream is that of an Amazon region that can … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: Galatians 4:12-19

When we delve into the letter to the Galatians, it can be troubling if we read carefully. The people of a region in what is today western Turkey had problems with the apostle, and he with them. The letter is … Continue reading

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A Psalm For Today, The 49th, Part 2

The Judeo-Christian tradition has consistently preached against the reliance on wealth. And yes, our “Christian” nation exalts it more and more in some quarters. Even in what appear to be religious circles. The Psalmist rightly identifies one major source of … Continue reading

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The Role of the Choir

Fr Anthony Ruff posts a comment-worthy essay at PrayTell here. I offered a few brief comments there. But the whole piece sparked some personal reflection on my part. My parish’s music ministry has hit the winter doldrums. It could be … Continue reading

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A Psalm For Today, The 49th, Part 1

I’ve been musing on the 49th Psalm for some time. It’s one of the rarest birds in the Lectionary. It would have a two-parter next week, but for the advent of Lent. You’ll need to wait for a mostly annual … Continue reading

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Querida Amazonia 5-7: Speaking of Dreams

Pope Francis writes of dreams in his post-synodal exhortation. Paragraphs 5 through 7 outline it. This is important: Everything that the Church has to offer must become incarnate in a distinctive way in each part of the world, so that … Continue reading

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Querida Amazonia 1-4, Significance

Pope Francis’ post-synodal exhortation will be a disappointing read for most issue-oriented Catholics. That’s too bad, because not only is there a lot of interesting stuff, Ignatian stuff, but there are particular adaptions for life outside of the Amazon region. … Continue reading

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