Caucus Of Iowa

IowaFrom afar, the amount of humor directed at last night’s politics in Iowa seems well-deserved. My wife and I participated in 2000. She wanted to leave early, suggesting to me sotto voce that these people needed a good dose of organization. I think I asked if she was up to the task, and I got some kind of look.

We caucused with a good friend, a retired “social justice” priest. When they passed around some petition sheets urging the winning candidate to select a woman for the vice-president slot on the ticket, I took one of the sheets, crossed out “vice” and signed my name. I showed it to Fr Justin and he chuckled.

A number of my social media friends went political last night, and it was good to see many of my former students doing so. I am sure the process had some value in the past, but if there were any way to streamline the voting process down to a few months, it would be better for most all of us.

As for the laughter online, I saw the winner of the 2012 GOP caucus here, applied to this year’s affair. Other more accurate memes are appropriately hilarious.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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