The Exile Continues

The cats could be seeing more of us:

It might be a relief that we have a nice view. We could be seeing more out this window in the weeks and–dare I say–months ahead.

The staff at my parish gathered for an information session plus Q&A from the chancery staff, including one of our bishops. Lots of questions about Holy Week. Some useful information. Some priestly things, like hear confessions in open rooms, not forgetting to say Mass daily, not giving general absolution–stuff like that.

We will be abandoning our carpeted, padded daily Mass chapel for daily prayer in the church. It would be too much to cleanse soft surfaces. And believe me: our St Joseph Chapel is about as cushy as you can imagine.

Our boss has reassured concerns about job loss. We are permitted to take administrative leave if we see fit. I think there’s a lot to do online, and I plan to be busy with that and reaching out to parishioners.

I notice that two of my former dioceses, Kansas City-St Joseph and Dubuque have suspended public celebration of Mass–they are just a week behind us. I hope this helps hospital folk stay ahead of the expansion of the infected and care for the seriously ill.

I also plan to post some things here on this site. Maybe some music and videos if I can manage it on the given platform.

If anybody is reading out there, tell me how these changes have affected you.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to The Exile Continues

  1. Tom McClusky says:

    The Archdiocese of Milwaukee too, has shut down public Mass celebration. My parish, also a St. Joseph’s had our Patron Saint Feast Day Mass scheduled for this Thursday and we in the choir worked on a new Mass setting written by our director. This is so sad. Our community has been getting closer. Now we must keep our distance.

  2. Liam says:

    Family member, clean/sober for over a 3rd of a century, reports AA meetings in her area are shutting down.

    • We host 12-step groups at our parish. My boss was willing to keep them going, but I think they volunteered to find other options. These are all functioning classrooms/meeting rooms and are getting a “deep clean” this week. Isolation can be a concern for people in recovery.

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