Streaming In Exile

The Best Buy was weirdly quiet today. I saw people entering and leaving. But inside, it was like people had all disappeared. It was borderline creepy. I bought my streaming stick and left.

It was relatively painless to set it all up. Once my wife found the local and network news, she was almost ready to cut the cord completely. But syndicated game shows, well …

My spouse has been lobbying for Curiosity Stream. Available on our service, I signed on. We watched a David Attenborough documentary.

I will still have a lot to do at the parish, but in case somebody catches something nasty and we have to self-quarantine, we should be all set for stuff to stuff our brains with nature and science and British history and all.

Anybody else out there enhancing your home viewing?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Streaming In Exile

  1. Liam says:

    Rewatching Angels in America. I saw the Broadway plays during their original runs, and to this day I can still hear the voices of Stephen Spinella, Ron Liebman, Marcia Gay Harden, et al. The movie is a good but much slimmed down adaptation by Kushner – the cast is good, but other than Jeffrey Wright reprising his original B-way role, not quite what the B-way cast was. The plays still have much to remind us that there is a civic resource in our midst that may need to be summoned from post-traumatic stressed recesses of their memory.

  2. Liam says:

    Meanwhile, I am purchasing finger oximeter, BP monitor, batteries – in case I need to provide self-reporting diagnostics by phone to PCP – and a hair trimmer for personal hair cutting in the absence of barber’s services while its closed. Things like that. I don’t think the country will stay shut down for 18 months until a vaccine that may not work is one the market. Rather, I think will stay shut down for 2-4 months to give the healthcare system a chance to catch up for lost time, and then a critical but modulated roll-out of a certain increased level of public activities (probably with very restricted international leisure travel, for example, and employers reducing the % of workforce working on-site on any given day, et cet.) with the understanding that Death will come as Death always comes anyway, and perhaps to gradually create more herd immunity. I don’t think the impossibility of the idea of 18 months is entirely due to public impatience but the starker realization that such a thing would also be responsible for deaths on a potentially vast scale. Imagining that there is a “good” choice on option is the mindset of an adolescent; an adult mindset must engage that that none f the choices on offer are “good”.

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