Late Evening Snack

Some foods I find difficult to cook. Exotic stuff like squid. Cakes from scratch. Eggplant, definitely. That last one is a vegetable I would like to master, but the best I can do with it is meh. And the worst, well …

One of my choir members was promising to bring ratatouille to our choir retreat this past weekend. We cancelled a few days before, but it got me thinking: I could try the famous eggplant casserole. Last week’s turned out great, though I forgot the onion.

Tonight I wanted something quick, and I still had some eggplant and a zucchini. And a wok. What if I stir-fried it? Not quite a casserole, but after a fresh tomato, a splash of lime juice, and some oregano and cumin, I had a French/Cuban fusion in a Chinese cooking thing.

Enough left over for somebody’s lunch tomorrow.

Hope you readers are eating well at home these days.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Late Evening Snack

  1. Liam says:

    I love squid (it’s convenient to live within an hour or so of the chief fleet for the North Atlantic squid fishery, in the Port of Galilee RI – which secures to New England abundant very fresh squid, though there is a real peak season for said fishery and if I remember correctly it’s springtime), but I’ve never cooked it at home. It’s infamously one of those hot/quick or low/slow foods – either the former for a minute or the latter for an hour kinda a thing. Along with handling other simple protein foods like eggs and white-fleshed fish, skill with squid is a true technique tell for a chef/cook.

    Oatmeal for lunch today while working from home.

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