A New View

My parish has something bright on the horizon when we’ve passed the virus crisis. If construction continues close to schedule, we should be ready to move in for Mass sometime in June. Yet to arrive: the steeple, the crucifix, the tabernacle, the flooring, and the pews. Whew! No carpet and no seat padding. It will be interesting to see how the sound consultant works with that once the furnishings are in place.

I’m really pleased with the artist we’ve chosen for the crucifix. She’s done really fine work at other churches in the archdiocese. She related well with the committee and was open to our input.

As for the image above, we’ll have something more substantial than a plastic chair for the priest. On the side of the wall at the edge of the altar platform, you can see an oops! moment. Someone forgot to enclose piping before the curved wall was finished, so some extra work resulted to get things framed out and enclosed.

New sound system speakers are already ceiling-mounted. It’s a curious thing that the old ones are still in place on the columns.

Left, a picture from a daytime Mass before the renovation. You can see the backlighting from the window cut into the 1968 building about a generation ago. Dark pews, dark wood, sparse natural light: good bye.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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