Giving Christianity A Bad Name

Or maybe this pastor is trying to attract “indestructible” twenty-somethings to church. I read that some were clamoring for his arrest. Maybe that takes it too far. The dox phenomenon seems to work well enough.

It was also interesting to hear the president saying he wished we could get back to business and that all the churches would be packed on Easter. Well, that’s my wish too. Except I wish it would start with packed churches for the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

What’s that saying? If wishes were fishes …?

I hope many aspects of the return are not back to business. Aside from wishing for packed churches, maybe a bit more sanity in how Christians conduct themselves in the public square. More concern for the vulnerable and needy, and not just drives for food and clothing. More concern for dialogue, with important sectors of the culture: science, music and the arts, non-Christian religions, not to mention other Christian churches. If we wanted to go the self-serving route, maybe a bit more attention to technology, the net, and especially social media.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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