Working In Exile

Here’s the view from my “home office” window. A gray day, but full of promise for Spring. I find it requires discipline to get church tasks done here. Just today, interruptions for receiving a grocery run, a package delivery, a small argument over food left in the fridge, another discussion about ordering takeout for lunch.

I found the parish wedding booklet on my computer. It’s about eight years out of date, so I tasked myself with making some judicious edits. I don’t think we’ve even handed it out lately–not since I’ve arrived. Even though most people won’t read it cover to cover, I’m a believer in having parish policies in writing. I think it respects the people coming to us for guidance.

Some things I must remember to do:

  • Get out of bed and do my morning routine–shower, breakfast, teeth, clothes. I tried working last Friday in pajamas. I’m not cut out for that. Today I got dressed and despite the interruptions, I was mostly productive.
  • Set a schedule of hours, nine to noon, one to five. Maybe add an hour in early evening for phone calls.
  • When I need time away from computer work, I’ll make phone calls to parishioners. I try to be regular with non-internet people. I also brought home a few ministry books–this is a great time to catch up on reading.

We still don’t have published guidance from the archdiocese on the status of recording Mass. I think something was supposed to come out today, but no word from parish master control and no email from the chancery as of this afternoon.

That’s today’s report. My office assistant, left, sticks with me. She seem to follow social distancing guidelines instead of trampling across the keyboard or in front of the screen.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Working In Exile

  1. Catherine says:

    We have at least 3 zoommeetings a day…need an office chair! Working 8 to 3:30 but often til 4. Review, refresh enrichmentwas our district mantra til a new one came aboard late today called expanded learning. Us speech therapists have been putting together a document for parents of free sites. The teachers just want to teach. We want to do therapy. Taking classes online for virtual speech is what I plan to do. But nextweekspring break. Such a weird ferling getting so close to Holy week andnochoir.

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