Hint of Sun

Whoa! Hint of sunshine in the neighborhood today. I was up early, did some morning yoga–still a bit sore from yesterday’s workout which was mildly vigorous for an out-of-shape body. Continued with my morning routine of small breakfast, teeth, shower, dress in normal clothes, and hit the “office,” otherwise known as out mostly unused dining room table. (Confessing bad habit here: we’ve eaten in front of the tv for years now.)

We’ve gotten word from the archdiocese that streaming and video-capture Masses are to be limited to two persons at most: the priest and, if needed, the camera operator. That sinks the cathedral liturgist’s videocast at this hour (local 11AM) on how to do Holy Week. My cynical moment of the day: why should I bother now to tune into that?

I have video Bible Studies to prepare for the few weeks ahead. I’ll do briefer ones than these on the Lenten Gospels. The Palm Sunday entrance (Matthew 21:1-11), the account of washing feet (John 13:1-15), and perhaps the Isaiah reading on Good Friday (52:13-53:12). I already have some presentations from a few years ago on the Resurrection narratives. I can mine those for additional material and commentary. AS they are up, I will link here and field commentary.

I saw another fuss on social media about missing Sunday Mass, and It’s Not Really That Bad Out There. The way I see it: we have a golden opportunity to develop daily prayer routines. Christians–the active ones–are very good at the weekly. Outside of monasteries and their oblates, the everyday stuff: not so good.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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