On Homeschooling

A social media friend not connected with the Catholic culturewar posted, to my surprise, a tweet by an old St Blogger. The criticism of a WaPo comment is apt.

I think the “perspective” published below is wack.

First, a few months of schooling at home isn’t going to break the intellectual bank. Even if kids are just blowing off mom and dad and doing as they please on the beaches of Florida, or the nearest sandbox.

Second, I sure do not hope that WaPo knows something we don’t about this pandemic lasting an entire generation.

That said, I think Mr Peters’ opinion dressed as snark is half-wack. His dad is a canon lawyer, and like his son, has at least as many graduate degrees. I’m sure his mother is top shelf also.

Not every parent, even the really smart ones, have the talent or charism for teaching. By the time a kid gets to a double-digit age, they probably need more than packaged handouts can offer. Some homeschool people I’ve known have organized themselves into groups, so they can tap into specialties, and that’s good. I benefitted from having more than a few teachers before I got to college. The good ones outnumbered the poor ones. Other homeschooling parents avoid groups–they don’t want to get sucked into the self-absorbed associations.

My guess is that the homeschool experience works for a solid minority of children. The younger, the richer, the better.

By the way, my only official inquiry about teaching for a homeschool association was when they asked me (don’t snicker!) to teach Gregorian chant. I did not feel qualified to do that as well as others who were available. But I did offer to do a segment on astronomy, heavy on observation and some independent study. They never took me up on that offer. Good thing I didn’t volunteer to do religion, eh?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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