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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: John 20:1-9

Today’s reading at Easter Mass is also an option when we offer spiritual and sacramental care for people who are sick or dying. There are different reason why it might be chosen. First, it is the season. Second, the ill … Continue reading

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Scenes From Livestream Prep

You can check: the up-to-eight persons are distanced. Before Holy Thursday: And Holy Saturday, about EV-minus-20 minutes: It looked pretty bright to me, but the video/streaming crew brought in big-time lighting. I can’t watch the replays–my one flaw as a … Continue reading

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Isaiah 4: The Beautiful Branch

Last night, my boss and I were discussing this year’s Vigil in our time of concern. Rather than minimize readings, she talked our reluctant clergy into our “newest” normal, seven total. With people staying at home and no initiation sacraments, … Continue reading

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Easter: We Forgive Everything

From the Easter liturgy of the Orthodox Christians: Behold, today is the day of the resurrection: let us glory in the feast, let us embrace one another in joy and say: “O friends and enemies too: we forgive everything on … Continue reading

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