Scenes From Livestream Prep

You can check: the up-to-eight persons are distanced. Before Holy Thursday:

And Holy Saturday, about EV-minus-20 minutes:

It looked pretty bright to me, but the video/streaming crew brought in big-time lighting. I can’t watch the replays–my one flaw as a “performer” that goes back to my radio days. I don’t like watching or listening to myself. I assume the lighting was improved, but our temporary church seems more than adequate to my eye. But what do I know?

Saturday was the shortest Easter Vigil, and also the smallest musical crew in my experience, but it was a blessing to be part of it. Six psalms really got their due focus. For me, the psalms are always the highlight. The archdiocese had a “recommendation” of just doing readings and the prayers. If I were going to cut anything, I’d jettison the prayers. These are among the worst of the MR3 compositions, little better than mini-homilies.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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