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Big Changes Ahead, We’re Not Ready

In case more people than Liam are regular visitors here, it’s time for another taking stock. What’s there to write about? We are deep in pandemic time, and the gradual release may be closer than the beginning of stay-at-home. However, … Continue reading

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If So

We’ve all heard it: If anyone was offended by what I did or said, I apologize. In our deeply litigious culture, this kind of statement is common. Especially from people in the public eye. Maybe they don’t want to get … Continue reading

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Querida Amazonia 106-108: Ecumenical and Interreligious Coexistence

InĀ  his post-synodal exhortation Pope Francis turns to one final topic, ecumenical and interreligious coexistence. Catholics were first to South America more than five centuries ago. But now other subdivisions and religions old and new share the region. 106. In … Continue reading

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