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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: John 10:11-18

Yesterday was “Good Shepherd Sunday,” but it wasn’t until today’s Lectionary that Jesus identifies as such. Yesterday, the fourth Sunday of Easter in cycle A, Jesus tells us he is the Gate. The way in. The way out. And the … Continue reading

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Survivor Guilt

One of my staff colleagues reported such early in Washington’s shelter-at-home order. We chatted a bit about our privilege of serving at Mass. Our opportunity to receive Communion. The pastor emeritus offers after each livestream Mass. (We’re directed not to … Continue reading

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Redemptoris Missio 2a: A Fruit-Bearing Council

Even in the late 80s, we still had a sense of optimism about Vatican II. One affirmation is the raising up of local disciples, including clergy and even bishops. This has certainly increased in the past thirty years: 2. The … Continue reading

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