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Reality TV: Disaster 2020

With the Asian Giant Hornet aka Vespa mandarinia aka Murder Hornet seeping into the Pacific Northwest, a mid-Spring polar vortex settling in the Northeast, and a new comet sliding through the inner solar system that will soon be visible without … Continue reading

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Scripture for the Sick or Dying: Mark 16:15-20

I found the ending of the Gospel of Mark to be a curious addition to the Lectionary for the Pastoral Care of the Sick. Sure, it offers a promise that Christian disciples “will lay hands on the sick, and they … Continue reading

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Qualities of Grief

Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross has a finger on the covid-19 pulse. Not that she’s still alive, or that viruses have active circulatory systems. All of her qualities of her famous model seem to be in evidence among the people I know and … Continue reading

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Redemptoris Missio 2e: Sevenfold Goal For Pope John Paul II

I received an e-mail from an active missionary about this series. Before we get to more of Pope John Paul’s goals in writing this document, I want to state a few of mine in highlighting Redemptoris Missio (RM) over the … Continue reading

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