Qualities of Grief

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926 - 2004).jpgElisabeth Kübler-Ross has a finger on the covid-19 pulse. Not that she’s still alive, or that viruses have active circulatory systems. All of her qualities of her famous model seem to be in evidence among the people I know and those I read about in the media.

Denial is strong. Coronavirus is just the flu. All I need is herd immunity so let’s party. My government wasn’t slow; it was the fault of the Chinese, the New Yorkers, or Hillary Clinton. The deaths are over-reported.

Anger is easy. Just look at the guns and faces of the protesters. Again, blaming other people and things: the president, socialized medicine, the Fauci-Gates conspiracy to extract the last of middle-class money for a multi-billionaire.

Mental health professionals have warned us of the incoming wave of illness. People have lost livelihoods and worse, loved ones. Depression won’t just be economic or great, it will be real and lead to self-injury and suicide.

Bargaining is already in place. The more complex the staging plan to reopening the economy is, the more it will be a result of careful deals to maximize recovery and minimize disease. On a personal level, people are now willing to wear masks if it means they can get out of the house.

Acceptance, on some level, is coming. I hope.

The model has been criticized for a lack of scientific testing. My own view is that Dr Kübler-Ross’s work are observations. People are not robots. They don’t move through these symptoms one to the next. Some people find one and stick to it. Most people feel them all more or less. I can identify a few in myself as the weeks progress.

Dr Kübler-Ross suggests we look at ourselves to identify more clearly what we are feeling and how we react to the stress of the pandemic. Most of us are not sick, but we are being treated like sick people: sent home from work, released from our employment, maybe getting government assistance in some form, our businesses quarantined, and we are threatened with some kind of punishment if we leave our confinement in some bad way, like our parents promised when we were sick kids with a serious illness.

Look on the bright side: the world has become a laboratory for pop-psychology. It’s a good alternative to plandemic, don’t you think?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Qualities of Grief

  1. Liam says:

    For members of my peer cohort who lived through the previous plague years in the 1980s through mid-1990s, there have been many resonances, and potential triggering of PTSD thereby. The feeling of Death having a personal stalking quality every day in one’s network (an Old Testament character of Death) and all manner of risk assessments being a continual occurrence and identifying and dealing with magical thinking. Angels in America and other works of art begotten of that time turned out to be prophetic in ways not understood at the time of birthing. (No character in AiA is a pure monster (e.g., Roy Cohn or Louis) or pure saint (Belize, Prior or Hannah), if one pays careful attention – all have cracks of character, and all bear witness to at least some honest truth of ultimate reality. Today has the makings for a sequel by Kushner….

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